Saturday, January 12, 2008

Robot Gang

I was thinking about starting a Robot gang.

But the problem is I only know two robots:
Maybe I'll just start a Robot duo.

Robot Threat

There's been a lot of stories in the press lately about this robot and his plans to burn all human-kind to death.Well, I for one can't blame him.

After all, we're the ones who started this war...

Great Moments In Robot History

Actually this one belongs under Weird Moments In Robot History. My mistake.


Look, I'm sorry.

I would just really rather not talk about this robot if you don't mind.

Just A Few Robot Questions

I think it's only natural that one asks himself a few questions when he finds a picture like this...

Are you looking at this picture?

Why are you looking at this picture?

Why can you not stop looking at this picture?

Do any of you know where this place is?

Robots Are Our Friends

Sometimes a robot friend is the best thing you can get a little girl who is so weird or ugly that she doesn’t have any real friends…
And I guess the same thing can be applied to grown men…

Robot Celebrities: More Like Human Celebrities Than You Might Think

Robot Mixing

I like to think I am an open minded person when it comes to robot relationships.

I don't judge when I hear about a man who loves himself a lady-bot...
And I also fully support a lady who finds herself catching robot-fever...
And robot poligamy? Sure, why not? More power to you...
But I am a man who has limits. And there is one robot couple that I will not stand by and allow my children to have to witness.

Robots and monkeys...
If God had intended monkeys to bread with robots, we wouldn't have made Adam and Eve, he would have made Adambot and Koko.

And just look at the offspring...
It ain't right, I tell you.

It ain't right at all!

This Is One Of My All Time Personal Favorites...

Oh and look at that, there's a robot in the picture as well.

Ah And Here's Another Great One...

Hmm... That's weird - there's a robot in this one too.

New Advancements In Robot Technology

Robot dogs - for people who want a dog but are allergic to real dogs... Robot cats - for those who don't like robot dogs...
Robot snakes - Actually, I'm not really sure why they made a robot snake.

Robot basketballs - what the hell?

Robot lawns - alright. Now this is ridiculous!
You know what? Sometimes I think robot technology has the potential to go too far.

Robot PMS

Sometimes this robot does not want to be touched.

So just DO NOT even try to touch her for a couple of days, okay?
I guess you could say that sometimes robots are more like my wife than you might think.

Be Careful...

I don't know whether this guy is about to get robot-slapped or robot-Karate-chopped. But one thing is for sure...
He'll never make fun of a robot for having wheel feet again.

Robotchuma Robotchuma!

Normally, I prefer ladybots with eyes, but with a body that shiney...

You're not hearing me complain!

Tiny Robot

Or is it a giant human?

I guess we will never know.

Unless we see that giant human somewhere.

Robots Help Us

Robots can be programed to complete all kinds of tasks we don't want to do ourselves...

This one will clean up dead bodies:
This one will put out a fire:
This one will wash the dishes:
This one will even listen to your wife when she starts nagging about how you never help around the house and all you do is watch TV while she does everything:
I need to get me one of those last ones.

Bringing Cyborg Back

Did you know that robots have their own robot pop stars? That's right. This is the robot world's equivilent of Justin Timberlake. He draws big crowds like Timberlake... he has back up dancers like Timberlake...
And yes, he even makes shitty music like Timberlake.

Robot Flowers: More Like Real Flowers Than You Might Think

Robot Zombies: More Like Real Zombies Than You Might Think

This Guy's Robot Hand: More Like His Real Hand Than You Might Think

Especially when it comes to holding up his invisible binoculars.