Saturday, October 6, 2007

Robot Fact

In some third world countries, a man's wealth is not based upon how much money he has or how much land he owns, but rather on the quality of his robot.
This particular guy is considered the richest man in his village.

Robotchuma Robotchuma!

If robots ever take over the world and kill everybody, I hope they are the kind who look like this.

And that they don't kill me.

New Robot Technology

Not only does this robot walk and talk, he also has the ability to play the trumpet and make old Chinese guys crap in their pants...

Little Robots

Sometimes they are the best friend a retarded guy could ever have.

Robots: More Like Us Than You Might Think

More On Robot Childbirth

One of the biggest differences between robots and humans is that robots think childbirth tickles. In fact, sometimes they are laughing so much they forget to push.

And end up having to get a C-Section.

Great Moments In Robot History

Remember when we dropped the atomic robot on Japan?

Great Moments In Robot History

Remember when the Statue of Liberty attacked a robot with a big crowbar while an old gay guy watched?
Those were wierder times.

Great Moments In Robot History

Can often be confusing.

Robot Street Gangs: Not As Goofy As Real Street Gangs

Robotchuma Robotchuma!

Can you believe some people don't like technology?

Deep Robot Doctrine

If you meet a being who claims to be a robot, offer to shake its hand. If it shakes your hand and crushes all your fingers, you will know it is a real robot.

If it refuses to shake your hand, it still might be a robot - it could just be that it just wasn't programed to shake hands.

Karate Kid 3

I never saw the third Karate Kid movie, but I guess in it Mr. Miyagi trains a girl Karate Kid...
Who is also apparently a robot.

New Developments In Robot Emotions

In the past we have spoken about how many robots today can not only emulate human emotions, but many can actually experience human emotions. Just look at the wide range of emotions these new robots can express:

Email this robot a bomb threat and watch how scared he gets...

If you are ugly and you invade his personal space, watch him get uncomfortable...

This one feels physical pain when you break his fingers...
And he feels emotional pain when you molest him...

What will they think of next?

Robot Roommates

Never clean their side of the room.

Robot Fish: More Like Real Fish Than You Might Think

Robotchuma Robotchuma!

The biggest problem is when I look at her breasts and I see my own reflection...

That'll kill the mood every time.

Three's A Crowd - Even If One Is A Robot

There's nothing worse than when your date brings along her jealous robot friend.

Robot Clone

When I heard they were making a robot clone of this guy, I assumed the robot would be even creepier than he is.

I was wrong.

And I think this lady would agree...