Saturday, March 29, 2008

Warning: Never Ask A Robot To Pull Your Finger

They are not familiar with our customs. They don't understand that after they hear the noise they should stop.

They will keep pulling until your finger comes right off your hand.

And that will just result in a smelly and bloody mess for everyone.

Robot Staring Contest

You will loose.

Great Moment In Robot History: Robot v. Board Of Education

1957 - Little Rock, Arkansas

The first robots selected to attend a human/robot integrated school are escorted by police across the school's campus.

I Don't Really Know What This Is

But it seems like something that would be illegal in America.

Or at least it should be.

If You Want To Play In Texas...

You've got to have a robot in the band.

Robots And Children

They've been doing some studies with robots and children and it turns out they are actually very good with kids.They love playing games with them...

And listening to their stupid songs...

There are even a few new robot day care programs opening up...

But you know, as good as robots are with our chilren, it's ironic because humans aren't aren't nearly as good with robot children.

In fact they are terrified of them...

Robot Penguins: More Like Real Penguins Than You Might Think

Robot Mickey Mouse: Less Like The Real Mickey Mouse Than You Might Think

I mean besides the ears, they are really nothing alike!


I get the feeling that robot is about to kick that guys ass...
Oh by the way...

Robot fact: You never want to mess with a robot's energy drink.