Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Female Robot

As long as there have been huge geeks, there has been the idea of creating a robot woman.

Some even have faces like a your uncle (for the really weird geeks).

Some aren't even humaniod robots - But that doesn't mean they are any less functional where it counts (bringing you a beer and listening to your stories about Star Trek).

But you should be carefull not to make them too much like a real woman - or else that might backfire...

"But I made you... and I love you... Won't you at least look at me... Please say you love me too... Now come on, let's go watch Lord of the Rings... What? ...Won't you at least come with me? ...But I made you and I can terminate your life functions... What do you mean you would like that... don't be like this baby... You'll learn to love me. I know you will."


Christopher said...

Great pictures. Do you know who is the copyright holder of the top photo with the doctor using a screwdriver on the robot woman? I'm quite keen to use that image in the album artwork for my band the Sproutts. We have a new album called "Woman, Man, and Machine".

Gatsby said...

I'm sorry Chris, I don't know the copyright holders to any of these. I am pretty sure I found the picture originally by Googling "girl robot", "lady robot", "woman robot", "ladybot", "shebot", etc.

So maybe if you search for it, you'll find it.

Good luck.

Pohlsander said...

did you try fembot?