Saturday, March 24, 2007

Robot Conspiracy 2: Bigfoot

Is Bigfoot really a robot?

Hey little girl, don't talk to that sasquach. And whatever you do, don't tell him where your Mommy is...

Damnit little girl, I told you not to tell him where your Mommy was!

Who's this guy? He thinks he can get the missing link to hand over your Mommy by begging on his knees and appealing to the humane nature of this gentle and misunderstood beast?

Well sorry fella, but that is no beast. That is a machine. A big furry machine who will stop at nothing to get that stupid girl's fine ass Mommy. Look even choking you to death with its mechanical death grip seems to be impressing her - she really seems to be having a good laugh at this whole thing.



Also check out how every time this robot carries this lady he cops himself a feel of the merchandise.

So is Bigfoot in fact a robot? Well, I think these pictures speak for themselves. Besides, I've heard more absurd theories - like Bigfoot is actually Axl Rose - a hungry Axl Rose who enjoys nachos.

But come on...

That's just ridiculous!

Or is it??????


B. said...

Did evil scientists capture bigfoot, de-hairify him, and change his name to Axl? Is that why he rocks so hard? Is that why there haven't been any bigfoot sightings since Appetite for Destruction came out?

br said...

Is Welcome to the Jungle a clue?